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Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are state-of- the-art and also one-of- a-kind. Naturally you have questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at support@persimia.com.

Yes. To schedule a demo, please send an inquiry to info@persimia.com.

Contact info@persimia.com for pricing information and details on how to create an account.

Our software is validated with real-world data where possible. We use industry-standard modeling techniques and have performed rigorous verification and validation on all of our simulation tools.

Please see our scientific journal papers in Wind Engineering and the Journal of Wind Energy. Extensive model descriptions are provided in these articles.

Because each user has unique needs, we ask that you contact info@persimia.com for pricing information. Pricing depends on the size of your wind project, the types of simulation modules you want to use, and the level of analysis support needed. The services we provide are somewhat open-ended and may include additional assistance in interpreting results, drafting custom reports, and creating customized visualizations.

We provide users with an interactive map overlaid with satellite imagery. A user can place turbine locations and highlight surrounding receptors by selecting the location on the map and clicking the appropriate placement buttons. You also have the option to enter latitude/longitude coordinates directly.

Anytime a simulation is run, a status message will appear providing the user with a notification about simulation progress. This notification will show when a simulation is complete.

For the majority of cases, the results will be available within minutes. In some instances, particularly if custom wind turbine configurations are used, simulations may take longer (perhaps several hours). Please contact us at support@persimia.com if you have further questions about execution time.

You can always contact us at support@persimia.com if you have questions. We will be happy to assist you.

You can access your results for up to 36 months after purchasing your project(s) simply by logging into your user account. Longer access times are possible upon request. Please contact support@persimia.com if needed.

Please email us at info@persimia.com or see our Contact Us page.